McGruff the Crime Dog® and AlertID Help Keep Kids Safe on July 4th

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The National Crime Prevention Council, (house of McGruff the Crime Dog (registered company)), and AlertID join forces to supply important safety tips and keep families guidance to help safe within the holiday and every day.

Parents should prepare in advance to eventually become comfortable with any places they and their family will visit over Independence Day: Parents may register for FREE at, input an address and see an easy-to-read map showing sex offenders residing or working within the area, view local crime information in lots of major cities and get alerts for these as well as those for serious weather, quake and traffic alerts.
Snap a picture of the child ahead of any occasion, and enter up-to-date descriptions in to AlertID’s My Loved Ones Wallet(TMark) (located on AlertID’s free mobile app). Members may access the information on the smartphones and send it fast to law enforcement when every minute counts, if the kid goes missing.
Review safety rules with children before you leave home, such as for example your own cell phone number and what to do in case you become separated.
Dress children in brilliant colours that are simple for you to recall and recognize in a crowd.
Accompany and supervise children in public facilities, including restrooms.
Keep children with you at all times and stringently enforce a buddy system for older children, including designating a time and place to meet.
Have children memorize or keep handy your mobile phone number and address, along with the phone number, name, and address of the place you are staying.
Remind children to stay within the region in the place where they become separated, and educate them to dial 9-1-1 in crisis situations.
Explain unsafe places to play and discourage youngsters from taking short-cuts or playing near dangerous intersections.

Remain in contact with your own friends and neighbors by using AlertID’s Secure Social Network. See something questionable? Members may send an alarm to their neighbors, members inside their present location, members of an AlertID group, and report it directly to law enforcement or even the Department of Homeland Security.

“Summer and vacations are fun times for family, but we also must remember to keep safety in mind as it pertains to our children. With families traveling over Independence Day and through the entire summer, being educated and prepared can genuinely help to keep families and children safer”, based on AlertID’s Founder, Keli Wilson.

For more advice and tips on travel safety, visit the National Crime Prevention Council’s web site.

Enjoy Independence Day and keep these important journey and safety tips in your mind to help defend you as well as your children:

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